Wendlo is a guitar destination for serious musos, collectors and ‘at home enthusiasts’ - guitarists playing to the crowds, to those who seek escape after the daily grind.

We know it isn't a small decision looking for the ideal guitar. A great guitar should feel at home in your hands and be part of you. From the fretboard, to the body, and everything in between - becoming part of your story! 

We can help you find your forever guitar, because in our humble opinion, nothing is as good as a guitar you love, that you want to pick up and keep playing.

  • New Guitars

    Come and explore the world of Wendlo Guitars. We are on a mission to help guitarists like you (whether you are a professional or a beginner) find a guitar that meets your needs, sounds incredible and speaks quality... That perfect match that every guitarist is searching for!

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  • Custom Guitars

    As a Wendlo client, you can take the handmade precision-built PJD guitars to the next level and design your own to the specifications you want within the PJD range. Designed and built specifically for you by the world renowned brand PJD.

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  • Pre-owned Guitars

    We don’t just sell ‘any guitar’ - we sell only the best pre-owned guitars, ones you want to pick up and play - over and over again. Our Wendlo pre-owned guitars are handpicked and if required brought back to life, to a standard we ourselves would proudly play and collect.

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