Quality craftsmanship, crowd-worthy sound

When you hold a PJD guitar, you’re holding the result of more than a decade’s investment in handcrafted perfection. PJD Guitars are Wendlo’s preferred guitar, simply for the fact that they offer a superior sound and premium feel to any other guitar we’ve played.

Feel the quality, hear the difference, enjoy the craftsmanship.

The body and build of a PJD guitar is what sets it apart from the rest. Years of craft have gone into creating the models, to make a PJD feel at home in your hands. With acoustic values and excellent sustain, PJD guitars can be played with or without an amp.
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Where custom becomes standard

Every PJD guitar is handmade and therefore different to any other guitar in the world. 

When you buy a PJD guitar, you’re buying something completely unique to you. 

PJD guitars come with a certificate of authenticity, a one year warranty, and an additional five year warranty when you register your guitar with PJD, protecting against manufacturing faults - not that you’ll need it. 

Every PJD is personally inspected by Wendlo upon arrival in Nelson, and supplied with (at no additional cost), a high quality, flight-approved Hiscox hard case tested to a half tonne weight protection. 

The PJD Story

PJD Guitars was founded in 2010 by Leigh Dovey. The name PJD is dedicated to the memory of Leigh's late father who was a prop maker for the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden. Leigh started working with knowledge of wood work picked up from his father, and was fortunate enough to inherit his tools as well as a small home workshop.

Leigh spent his days working as a sound and video engineer at the Royal Opera House and his evenings honing his craft in guitar building. He was lucky early on in having the chance to work with some great artists, giving him the confidence to grow his skills.

Fast forward to 2017 and a move to York with a bigger workshop, for the past five years Leigh has been putting his heart and soul into creating the best instruments he's ever built. Standardising his prototype models like the Carey and St John, Leigh now has new models in development with an aim of bringing even more British handmade PJD guitars to the industry.

The PJD Carey Elite, Carey Custom and Carey Standard have all received a 9/10 review in Guitarist magazine (UK).

Exclusive Distributors

Wendlo are the exclusive distributors of PJD guitars in New Zealand and Australia and are stoked to introduce these countries to the quality craftsmanship, crowd-worthy sound and premium feel of PJD handcrafted guitars.

Take a tour of the PJD workshop