Wendlo, Nelson NZ - A Destination

SOON TO OPEN - Wendlo will be a destination guitar shop located in Nelson, New Zealand. Envision a place to kick back, enjoy a coffee, relax and get lost in the world of Wendlo Guitars. 

At Wendlo, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality guitars and premium service for our clients. Our philosophy is to match people with a guitar they’ll want to keep forever, one they look forward to picking up day in, day out. 

We are experienced in the guitar buying process many times over. So whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned professional, we can help you find the guitar that’s right for you.


How it all began

Gareth, a North Yorkshire lad from the busy seaside fishing town of Scarborough (England), was a 14 year old when he was given his first guitar for Christmas - a Fender acoustic. He loved music, he loved guitars, and he was determined to learn.

Cue Eric Lee - fish filleter by day and local pub hero by night. Eric patiently taught Gareth the way around a guitar before his gigs, and Gareth would stay for the performance - bum on bar stool, coke in hand and wide-eyed with visions of himself on the stage one day. 

Later, with skills under his strap, 16-year-old Gareth auditioned for local band 'Medusa', after answering an ad in the local paper. He nailed it! Countless gigs across Scarborough, and his addiction to live performance was set. 

  • A couple of decades, a kid and what his wife Kim would say are "Too many guitars" later...

    Gareth is still a guitar-playing collector, with a good dose of 'kiwi lad' now mixed in, who to this day, won’t disclose the number of guitars he owns... sorry Kim!

    Together, Kim and Gareth have established a trusted repuation in Nelson, New Zealand, after managing multiple successful businesses in the last ten years. It was in 2022 that the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream with guitars arose - straight after Gareth experienced the feel and superior sound (even unplugged), of his first PJD guitar.

  • Cue Wendlo

    Kim and Gareth launched Wendlo in 2023 with a mission to help guitarists - from professionals to beginners - find their perfect guitar. They believe that nothing feels as good as a guitar that fits well, sounds incredible and speaks quality - in all aspects of its design!

    PJD is the first brand they want to share with you. Wendlo are the exclusive distributors of PJD guitars in New Zealand and Australia. They are pumped to be able to introduce guitarists to the quality craftsmanship, crowd-worthy sound and premium feel of PJD handcrafted guitars.

    Watch this space!

    Drop us a line for advice, to organise a viewing, and for all manner of guitar chat.

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